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Intex Easy Set inflatable pools

Kids love pools during the summertime. An Intex Easy Set pool gives you the option to have a real pool for the family but without the commitment and high cost of a permanent structure. Easy and quick to setup, these portable inflatable pools  give you and your family the opportunity to make the most of hot summer days even if you only have limited space in your backyard.

               12ft x 30ins Easy Set

Available sizes

10ft x 30ins
12ft x 30ins
15ft x 42ins
15ft x 48ins
18ft x 48in
24ft x 52ins

Easy Set Pool



A bit of preparation is needed before you start filling the pool with water. It is crucial that the area being used for the pool is on level ground. Once full, the pool is like a giant water balloon and if uneven, will be unstable and could slant to one side. This may damage the pool or cause the loss of water.

Check the pool area and remove as many pebbles and stones as possible.

Initially just fill with an inch of water, then flatten the bottom of the pool and push the sides out making sure all the wrinkles have been smoothed away.

Inflate the top ring, and then fill with water.


» Use sand to fill in any irregularities on the area selected for putting the pool on.

» Place a tarp underneath the swimming pool to avoid punctures to the liner.

» Keep pets and sharp objects like jewelry away from the pool as these objects could puncture the PVC ring.

» Purchase a skimmer to remove any floating debris from the water surface.

» For the larger models you might want to consider adding a sand filter or saltwater system.



Having a pool available in your back yard is a perfect way of keeping the whole family fit and healthy. The easy set is a fun starter pool for the younger members of the family but big enough to accommodate teenagers and adults when considering the larger models. A great feature when having a BBQ or entertaining with a garden party or just wanting to keep cool during the hot weather.

The Intex Easy Set range of pools is an affordable way of owning your very own swimming pool. It is easy to set up, easy to maintain and ideal for those with a limited backyard area.  It can be taken down and packed up in no time to store during bad weather or during the off-season.