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If you are intending to keep your Intex pool filled for most of the year, you will need in to install some form of filtration system.
Depending on the surrounding area and its use, your pool will undoubtedly attract all forms of debris which will allow algae to grow and turn your pool various shades of green making the pool unhealthy and unusable.
Intex Pool suppliers often offer pool kit packages that include a pool pump and filters, but to appear attractively priced only include a basic pump.
From many reviews it is generally felt that these pumps are not adequate enough and you should always aim to purchase an Intex pump at least one degree higher in specification for the capacity of your pool.
Filter cartridge pumps are best for pools that require small volumes of water and minimal use. Manufacturers recommend replacing the paper filter types A or C every couple of weeks. Many reviewers suggest this can be extended by cleaning the filters. Larger filters (B type) are available on pumps over 1500gph but it should be noted that the hose connections in smaller pools are of a different size ( ¼ inch as opposed to ½ inch) and a conversation kit is required and some slight alteration made to the wall of the pool.


2500gal filter pump

2500 Gph Cartridge Filter Pump

Sand filter pumps are a lot easier to maintain. A 50lbs bag of sand can last about five years with only occasional back washing required.


2800gal sand filter pump

2800 Gph Sand Filter Pump

A Salt water filter pump will add chlorine to the pool when natural salt is added. The pump water passes through a titanium electrolytic cell during the filtration. An electrocatalytic oxidation process then splits the water molecules into highly powerful oxidants which destroy contaminants such as bacteria or algae..


Saltwater System

Krystal Clear Saltwater System

Intex also produce a combined Sand and Saltwater pump system aimed at larger pools that require over 2600 gallons of water.

Sand and Saltwater System

Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System Cg-28677