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Intex Metal Frame Pool

A great upgrade from the Easy Set models as the galvanized Steel rust-proof frame is much more durable and sturdy. The metal frame of the pool is easily assembled just by using the snap on joints provided. The triple strong laminated sidewalls which are made up of 3 separate layers of material, give it its extra strength and durability.

12ft x 30ins Metal Frame


Available sizes

10ft x 30ins
12ft x 30ins
15ft x 42ins
15ft x 48ins
18ft x 48ins
24ft x 52ins

Metal Frame Pool


Take time to visualize where the pool is going to be setup, moving the pool with even a small amount of water will be difficult and could damage the pool material.

The pool will need to be set up on a flat level surface.  Do not set up on mud, sand or any loose material.  Any unlevel ground will make the pool unstable once filled. Check the ground for any sharp objects that might damage the fabric of the pool (a ground tarp is recommended).

Make sure it is not up against a wall or a fence or close to objects that a child may use to climb on to and gain access to the pool.

The pool should be close to a water supply to initially fill the pool and maintain the water level and close but not less than six feet from GFCI or RCD electrical outlet.

Once you have an inch or less of water in the bottom, you should get someone inside the pool to iron out any wrinkles. If you don’t, you may end up with creases along the bottom of the pool.

Watch the Set up and maintenance DVD which will explain how to lay-out and construct the frame and configure the water pump. It does help to have at least another person to hold up the sides around the pool while you place the legs in position.


In addition to the filter pump that comes with the pool, many people like to add a sand filter or saltwater system. However the 530gph (gallons per hour) pump provided is not strong enough for these extra systems. The Intex 2,650 GPH Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump MODEL SF20110 and Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System MODEL CS20110 are compatible and are an ideal solution.

Consider purchasing a pool skimmer or net to remove debris like leafs. A pool cover is a good idea too.

At the end of the season it is recommended to dismantle the pool especially if the temperature is going to drop below freezing.



Great value and super easy to install and later take down. The fittings and hoses are clearly labelled and all go together without a hitch. Your above ground pool should be set up and ready for swimming on the same day.

The 12 x 30 metal frame is a good size as a starter pool and big enough for a small group of kids. At only 30″ deep they will feel safe in the water, practicing swimming, and going under water, while not being concerned since everyone will be able to touch the bottom or stand up.

Teens or adults will be more comfortable with a 42” or deeper model.