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Intex Ultra Frame Pools


At the top of their range of above ground pools, Intex offer the choice of either the Ultra round or Ultra rectangular Frame Pools. The slight cost increase above the Metal frame models more than compensates by offering a much sturdier, durable and better quality swimming pool. These models can be as deep as 52ins which offers a great swimming experience for all the family.



Ultra Frame Rectangular

Available Sizes:
18ft x 9ft x 52ins
24ft x 12ft x 52ins
36ft x 16 ft x 52ins

Ultra Frame Round

Available Sizes:
14ft x 42ins
15ft x 48ins
16ft 48ins
18ft x 52ins


Assembling the Intex Ultra Frame Pool

First take a moment to plan where you are going to site the pool.

It is important to make sure that the ground is completely level and that all twigs and debris are removed from the area before you start assembling. We recommend you lay a ground cloth for extra protection and a floor pad on the ground where you assemble your pool.

The pool needs to be setup on a completely level surface to keep the water balanced.

Make sure when you choose the pool area you allow for access around the pool. Do not place against a building or wall and make sure there is easy access for the pumps electrical point and your water source.

Leave at least 6 feet clear around the area of the pool to allow for setting out the side supports.

The number of parts included with your pool will depend on its size. The helpful DVD and instruction manual included with your pool, show how after laying out the pool, the support beams easily snap together to form a rigid frame.

The next job is to assemble the Pool Ladder.  Use it to enter the pool and smooth out any wrinkles and push all corners of the liner outward.

Insert the drain valves and connect the filter pump before filling the pool with water.

Now you just need to test the water for the proper chemical levels to make sure the water stays clear and good for swimming.

That’s it.


Why Buy the Intex Ultra Frame Swimming Pool?


There are a number of accessories that complement and help with the maintenance of your swimming pool. An Intex Pool Surface Skimmer or Intex Auto Pool Cleaner will help remove debris and increase the lifespan of your pool.

The best investment you can make for keeping your pool clean is the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump that has a 3000 GPH System Flow Rate. These accessories will keep your pool clean and free of falling leaves, bugs or any debris.



The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is a great choice for you and your family. If you are looking for an above ground pool, that is cost effective, durable, easy to set up and maintain, then the Intex Ultra Frame should be very high in your considerations.

With the proper installation, this pool will give you and your family years of enjoyment and use.